"Art is the kaleidoscope of human expression, where ideas and emotions collide, intertwining to create something extraordinary. It is a reflection of our collective consciousness, capturing the essence of culture, history, and the human condition."

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Acrylic Painting Competition

Get ready to splash your imagination on canvas with the ultimate acrylic painting competition ✨ Explore the world by looking 'Through the Lens of a Traveler' in the 'Window to the past' and embrace the beauty of 'Cultural fusion'.
Date: 3rd March 2024 , Time: 1:00 pm onwards , Venue: SAC 1st floor
Registration:- Through hostel representatives.
Express, create, and showcase your unique brushwork and let's turn these themes into a canvas masterpiece!

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Charcoal competition

Discover the versatility of charcoal as you create compelling compositions and explore the rich play of shadows in Inter-hostel charcoal competition. Date and time: 26th January, 1:00 p.m. onwards Venue: SAC first floor.

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Graphite Sketching Competition

Dive into the creative depths of our Inter-Hostel Graphite Sketching Competition! This year's themes, 'Time Loop Paradox' and 'Ephemeral Realities,' challenge your creativity to new dimensions. Submission deadline: Dec 30, 2023. Judge: @shnkyart Check the rulebook: https://bit.ly/Inter-Hostel-Graphite-Sketching-Competition Submission link:- https://forms.gle/bCS5NrNWQSfamUxR6

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Water Color Competition

Explore your artistic touch with soft brushstrokes and transparent layers of colour to craft something exceptional. Here is the Inter-hostel Water colour competition, where you control the flow and colour of water as you wish. Date and time: 29th October, 12 p.m. onwards Venue: Red Square [In front of Amul cafe]

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Spill Art Competition ( AOS #3)

The Spill Art Competition with 4k+ Worth of Goodies for the winners. Unleash your creativity in the Spill Art competition and stand a chance to win amazing prizes sponsored by Razespace! 🎉 Let your imagination run wild as you create mesmerizing Spill Art using just a pen and paper! 🌟✨
To Participate:
1️⃣ Create your awe-inspiring Spill Art masterpiece. [Rulebook below]
2️⃣ Submit the drive link of your artwork using this form. [Submission link below]
3️⃣(Optional) Tag @facc.azure.iitd and @razespace_india on your stories for a chance to be featured!
📅 Competition Deadline: 3rd August 2023 Note:- Your entries from all 3 Artist of the Summer competition will be considered for selection in Azure..🏆🎨 We can't wait to see your extraordinary Spill Art! Best of luck to all participants!!!

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Doodle Art Competition ( Artist Of the Summer Challenge #2)

✨ Attention all Art enthusiasts! 🎮🎨 Join us for an exciting round of our summer art extravaganza! 🎉 Create amazing Doodle art and stand a chance to win over 12k+ worth of goodies as part of the Artist of the Summer series, sponsored by Razespace! 🖌️🎨
To participate:
1️⃣ Create a doodle artwork (Rulebook below)
2️⃣ Submit the drive link in the below form
3️⃣(Optional) Tag @facc.azure.iitd @razespace_india on your stories and stand a chance to get featured on our stories
📆 Competition Deadline: 17 JULY 2023
Let your imagination run wild! Show us your magic with just a pen and paper! 🌈 We can't wait to see your doodle art! 🎉✨

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Pixel Art Competition ( Artist Of the Summer Challenge #1)

✨ Attention all Art enthusiasts! 🎮🎨 Participate in Challenge 1 of our Artist of the Summer series, highlighting the beauty of artistic elegance! Submit your captivating Pixel Art creations in Submission button below for a special chance to be chosen for Azure's exclusive selection!💎✨ Let your pixel mastery shine in the digital world!